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Passivation Sprayer

PCF Passivation sprayer for dryer fabrics, dryer cylinders or Calander rolls


  • the Passivation Sprayer projects aerosol silicone fluid through a custom-designed combined air/fluid nozzle as a preventive cleaning solution

  • a dosing pump delivers 5 to 15 ml/min to the nozzle; a small amount of air is added to turn the fluid to aerosol

  • the desired distribution is provided by the traversing unit

  • constructed of stainless steel AISI304


Advantages of the PCF Passivation sprayer:

  • considerably reduced surface contamination 

  • improved sheet quality and overall paper production

  • reduced sheet breaks

  • reduced cleaning works

  • reduced solvent use, increasing safety

  • lubrication for doctor blades, increasing blade lifetime


The silicone fluid used in the Passivation Sprayer complies with European regulations applying to paper/board materials intended for food contact and can be used safely for food packaging.​

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