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Dryer Fabric Cleaners

PCF Dryer Fabric cleaner for continuous and/or discontinuous cleaning of all kinds of dryer fabrics. 


  • cleaning with HP water (needle jet or flat spray) nozzles up to 500 bar

  • discharge of contaminents by venturi principal achieved by compressed air (no vacuum pump)

  • reliable traverse beam constructed of stainless steel AISI304 (option AISI316ti)

  • all reflected water and contamination is discharged by a stainless steel save-all

  • easy nozzle exchange during production (park position outside insulation hood)

  • teflon cleaning head (no stainless steel) to guarantee the safety of the dryer fabric.

Advantages of PCF Dryer Fabric cleaner:

  • lncreased paper quality  

  • less sheet breaks

  • less contaminants on rolls

  • increased CFM value

  • less reducing cleaning shutdowns and cleaning time

  • increased dryer fabric lifetime

For heavily polluted dryer fabrics we recommend a combination of PCF Dryer Fabric cleaner and our passivation sprayer.

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